Nothing gets my goat more than when I hear about trainers prepping women for shows and have them doing cardio twice a day, training 7 days a week, pulling carbs and giving them processed “no sugar” foods and telling them they need to lose “xx” amount of pounds. And what’s worse is they have them doing this stuff 8-12 weeks out!

Folks, ladies especially, you do NOT have to put your body through this kind of torture! You will fast be down a slippery slope of mood swings, hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, and dangerous rebounds.

No plastic trophy is worth putting your body and health at risk! To compete in this “fitness” industry is a paradox. What should be a display of hard work while practicing a HEALTHY, balanced lifestyle has become an industry of over-sexed women who feel the need to be lean rather than fit and “peak” week looks more like an eating disorder than balanced nutrition.

If you decide to compete this should be a time for you to feel EMPOWERED by fine tuning the human body. This should not be a time for you to feel broken and deprived!

I’m here to tell you I lived in both worlds and my new world is far more informed and extremely healthy and balanced without ANY deprivation. I am fortified and empowered by my nutrition and training now, as it should be designed to be!

thennowThese two photos show the paradox of those two worlds. The photo on the left I prepped with cardio twice a day and trained 6 days a week while limiting myself to a 1/4 c. of oatmeal in the morning for 8 weeks. I still didn’t “peak,” felt flat and exhausted. The photo on the right, 34 days of prep, Isagenix and whole-food nutrition without any depletion of carbs until 48 hours out (AND I had a 9-month-old baby)

You do not have to destroy yourself in the process of getting healthy. Being healthy shouldn’t feel like PAIN. You should feel elated, empowered and edified. I can help you!

Let me know what you think!