Lori Harder
Lori Harder, Business Owner: LoriHarder.com

“Angelike had always been someone I looked up to, so years later when we became friends and business partners, I understood that the allure was so much more than just her accomplishments and of course outward beauty and grace. You want to be in her presence because she makes you believe that you have greatness in you, that you have something special, that if you focused and connected to your heart you too could light the world on fire. When Angelike speaks people listen because you know you’re experiencing that shift that occurs when belief is planted in you. She knows how to activate that place of BOLD ACTION, and reminds you that you’ve tapped into powers so big that you’re unable to fail, because every failure will turn into superpower. If I could say one word about this earth angel friend of mine who has blessed so many lives with her generosity, it’s that she is the epitome of a BOSS – spiritually, mentally and physically.”

Dr. Delrae Messer

“Angelike Norrie came into my life when I was at rock bottom. I call her my angel for being able to connect with me and my why and purpose for being on this planet. She taught me life-changing principles that allowed me to breakthrough my limiting beliefs and tap into the greatness inside of me. As a result, I am now living the life that I could’ve only dreamt about and am able to call this beautiful soul my friend and greatest inspiration. She has been given a gift to inspire others to live their best life and if you are looking to break free and life the life you know you deserve, there is no other coach on the planet that I would recommend to help you achieve it.”

Emily Vavra
Emily Vavra, Business Owner

“Angelike Norrie is the type of women who will light your soul on fire simply by being in her presence – whether that’s on social media, in person or watching her speak at a live event. She knows exactly how to light a fire in your belly that gives you permission to go to another level in your life.”

peta kelly
Peta Kelly, Creative Entreprenuer: PetaKelly.com, Speaker, Barefoot Bandit

“Angelike’s face belongs next to the words ‘lady boss’ in the dictionary. She defines what it means to be strong but soft, confident but humble, fierce but grounded, and responsible but wildly fun. I have the pleasure of watching Angelike lead a large team and at the same time, be a humble team player.

I so admire how Angelike handles life. She just gets it all done with so much grace and still with so much space to serve and teach others the realness of what life as a mum, wife and business owner is all about. When I close my eyes and think about Angelike’s presence in my life, I feel integrity to the core. She is solid. She is powerful. She is graceful. And what is most beautiful about Angelike is that she is always the most grateful. If I looked under a microscope at Angelike’s DNA I know I’d find some extra God-given strength and focus. It’s wild how committed this woman is and that is why I am so damned pumped for anyone who gets to work alongside her.”