Hi! I’m Angelike, and I’m a recovering perfectionist and professional time-waster.

For YEARS, and I’m talking at least a decade, I chased after careers, people (relationships that didn’t serve me), and ideas that would be a temporary fix to a growing and nearly dying, desire.

The career fix was one that I would do whatever was necessary to achieve financial success in a corporate world that I wasn’t passionate about and I would wonder why I felt so idle all the time.

Then I longed for love and enriched life experiences with a man who I could spend my life with, yet I would spend way too long in a relationship that was going NOWHERE.

And then there were the ideas. The sparks from God THAT I KNEW, THAT I KNEW, THAT I KNEW were to fulfill my purpose, yet I would agonize about what the project had to look like and how big of a production it needed to be in order to be just “perfect.” Guess how much got done? ZERO!!

And then I would get angry at the world and my circumstances (not myself) as THEY HAD to be to blame for things not working out.

Thank God, I got out of my own way.

But it wasn’t overnight. It was small and seemingly insignificant, mundane decisions and actions every day that lead to the feeling I have now in my soul. (Except for meeting and marrying David, that was a blessing I was thankfully ready for, but we still work for and at it every day.)

What I’m getting at is that if you want to start something, chase your passion, build a marriage, and have equal amounts of achievement and fulfillment, it’s going to take a lot of risk and a ton of screwing up. You’re going to look stupid, make colossal mistakes…get up and do it again.

But it’s worth it. Every damn minute of it.

As a society, we give up too quickly on everything. We switch jobs when we get “bored” or stay in them too long because we get complacent.

In relationships, it’s the same crap. Bored? Annoyed? Pissed? Just break up or get divorced. No biggie. I’ll try someone else on for size.

Yet the purpose laid directly on your soul from God? Who’s got time for that? I’m not even going to try. I’ll go over here and have a cheat meal/drunken night out/one-night stand instead.

Sedate. Sedate. Sedate.

So what’s this have to do with the photo?

Well, I took a giant leap for my career and chose to partner with Isagenix, which radically changed our lives and gave us freedom in our hearts, flexibility in our time, and abundance in our finances. Which lead to a deeper, more passionate, more developed relationship with my husband and children. We are with each other every day,  encouraging and building each other up to fulfill the purpose God has laid upon our hearts.

And as a result of all of that, I finally pursued my passion for being a women’s empowerment and transformational coach. This photo is me leading a group of women from all over the world in my backyard, with a laptop, flat bench, extension cords, no make-up, no professional audio, no lighting. It’s just me, these beautiful women with open hearts, and a program to work them out and to crack them open to God even further.

The production isn’t what their souls need. Their souls just need to show up.

I second-guessed this 1,000 times before I even launched it. Just like I second-guess so many other things still. But each day, I just feel the fear and exercise courage a little bit longer to do it anyway.

Wherever you are, whatever is on your heart, be there and do that.

Let me know what you think!