Many may wonder why I’m giving away my Lady Boss program materials and I want to set the record straight. I want to create awareness. It’s more rewarding for me to watch women RISE up than TONE up (although you will accomplish both).

Fitness is WHAT I have done but it’s not WHO I am. Our bodies are vehicles to carry a bigger message to the world. It’s our duty to love our bodies so they love us back. It’s necessary to treat it like the temple it is so it lasts for a long time to enjoy our loved ones and the gift of life. It’s meant to be an example for the generations to come so they may also have long-term health and vitality.

It’s not meant to be in vain.

We live in a society where people scarcely look to their parents, grandparents and spiritual mentors for guidance. Instead they open Cosmo, Elle magazine, GQ, and celebrities for inspiration. And while inspiration may be available in small doses through those mediums, it still lacks heavily in true role models.
I watch my daughters and get on my knees and pray that they find their purpose by wanting to emulate what their parents have laid before her rather than the thin thighs, facial/body enhancement, and heavily photoshopped images. Just as I want for my daughters, I want YOU to embody the woman God intended you to be instead of trying to live up to a false image of what the world told you is “beautiful.”

This is the reason why I give the body coaching away for free and why I focus all my energy and prayer on reaching deep into my spirit and pulling out the message that lives inside of me to share with you. This is where we dig deep together and develop the muscles you can’t see – the Spiritual Muscles that truly give you life and permission to LIVE IT.

Let me know what you think!