Have you ever really allowed yourself to go silent during the day or for a period of time to get clear and connected again?

When I go silent, whether in my home or on social media it’s actually when I’m most at work on my spiritual foundation. I just came off a pretty significant expression sabbatical. It felt soooo good to rest in that.

I’m extremely sensitive. To the point where I’ve been so naive to the world that I’ve been hurt, badly. I’ve spent the majority of my life trusting first and leaving it up to anyone to destroy it. But through my fair share of disappointment and loss, I realized there had to be a better way.

Rather than hardening my heart and being bitter and building walls, I worked extra hard on my discernment. I got CLEAR on my guiding principles and if anyone or anything doesn’t align with that, I set a boundary. It’s still a work in progress but my life’s work and success has been built on this foundation and it cannot be destroyed for its seated in victory with God. If I know anything, I know that for sure.

I think this is why I’m in love with horses so much. They teach us so much. A horse is a better at being a human than most humans are.

Let me explain…

They are the ultimate prey animal. Which means that they are probably the most unsafe animal in the wild.

One of the ways they operate to stay safe is by reading emotions. Meaning if you were to approach a horse with calm demeanor and motion and say all the right things but deep in your spirit you’re feeling apprehensive, anxious, frustrated or have malicious intention they will feel that within 500 yards of you and flee.

Wow 😮

So essentially, this speaks to our ability to feel more than we hear and see. It’s spiritual. Its discernment at its finest.

This is why dark and light can’t mix. Ever get that feeling around someone that you just can’t seem to connect with? Something feels off? Or you just feel uneasy in their presence or even in a place that feels “dark?” There you have it. That’s discernment. And it goes both ways.

I’ve had to learn the hard way to get good at this, and to this day it’s can be confusing or you’ll question things, or try to justify, dismiss or rationalize it in your mind.

You can’t apply logic to the Kingdom. What goes on in the 5D spiritually wont always make sense in the in the flesh (3D).

So go silent and get to work on strengthening this. It’s your most critical asset. It’s a gift, cherish it. It’s a tool, sharpen it. And with that, you will always feel clear.



Let me know what you think!