L O V E ❤️
You spend your entire life chasing it yet so many don’t know how to nurture it once you have it. Been there. 
When you’re tired.

When you’re overwhelmed. 

When you feel slighted or taken for granted. 

Love is a choice. 

Love doesn’t always feel like it. 

Here’s the thing; LOVE DOES, even when it doesn’t FEEL. 

Perhaps from the highlight reel as you become voyeurs of other people’s (often strangers) lives, it appears like everyone else is perfect. Even for David and I, we get approached and told all the time #couplegoals, #familygoals. Well let me be the first to tell you, we have our moments and there were even times when I felt like I was living with a stranger in my house [cue Tamia 🎶] and I know David has felt the same. 

But here’s the thing folks, we’re committed. This isn’t just a sign up sheet for a beautiful wedding and it ends when the butterflies stop. 

Marriage is about knowing your spouse the same way The Lord knows His church. Knowing and loving my husband is a direct reflection of how committed I am to knowing and loving my God. 
If I’m in a funk, my marriage is in a funk. If my faith has taken a backseat, guess where my husband is? Yep – the trunk!!

Most of the time we’re carrying the crimes we committed or crimes others (old boy/girl friends) committed against us into our current situation. We carry old thoughts, patterns, fears, lies, behaviors, and reactions with us everywhere. This will damage your conversations, your arguments, your silent treatments and your sex life. 
God forbid I bring the bedroom up. With all the butts on IG you’d think talking about sex with your spouse would be child’s play – not so. 

We have our values inverted as a society and it starts in your home. 

First things first; fix your face. Are you looking at your spouse the same way you did when you first fell in love? Are you speaking life into their atmosphere the same way you did when you didn’t want to be the first one to hang up on those long phone conversations. Are you connecting or are you just talking while your heads are in your phone caught in the scroll hole? Are you edifying one another? Are you telling the truth? Are you challenging one another physically, mentally and spiritually? 

Marriage is a commitment not only to each other but to being better today than you were yesterday for God, yourself, and your spouse. 

Push each other. 

Argue a little (that means your having meaningful, heartfelt discussions). 

Encourage one another. 

Pray together. 

Date each other. 

Laugh hard. 

Love harder. 

Kiss each other’s face off. 

Hug longer. 

And never let each other settle for less, which means it’s time for YOU to step up your game. 

You can only change one person and that’s yourself. Try that and see how your life and marriage improves. 

Let me know what you think!