Numbed out zombies. That’s what I call the status quo. Somewhere along the way, after we hopped off Santa’s lap, we allowed ourselves to be herded like cattle to conform in a society that mistakes titles for accomplishment. We were taught that dreams were something that only happened while we stare at the back of our eyelids while we sleep. I know this because I was one of them. I was numbed out. I chased grandiose titles and confused it with success. I thought that an increase in my base salary and commission meant that it was OK to trade my time for money.

Then I woke up. I stopped believing the BS story that I started to buy from the masses that I felt I needed to keep up with, and decided I needed to go against the grain instead. Going against the grain meant shocking friends, family, and my colleagues. It meant giving up all I had worked for because success was no longer worth the lack of fulfillment that came with it. It was risky. It scared the crap out of me. I could have fallen on my face. But the pain of missing another moment of my daughter’s milestones and precious time with my husband far outweighed the pain of change.

In my opinion, there is something wildly wrong with being beaten and forced into a mold of “normal.” That just bothers me. It makes me antsy and uncomfortable. It makes me force smiles. It tells me that safe and practical and lukewarm are the real struggles in life. You know why? Because safety, practicality, and lukewarm cannot coexist with passion and purpose.

You cannot tell me that God made us all these promise to play small. No! When I pray, I pray bold, massive prayer reminding Him of His promises. And when He breathes in your direction, you will experience the shift you’ve been aching for all your life. That ache is there because He wants more for you.

If you just “want to get by,” then go on with yourself. But if you want the abundance that makes your heart pound out of your chest with excitement and healthy fear, then go on with your bad self! This is what we were meant for. We are not here to poke around. Get off your arse, and make a difference in your world and in everyone else’s.

I want to be around the people that refuse to live a stale life. I want to surround myself with those that mediocrity bothers. If this speaks to you at all, then congratulations, you still have a ticker that works! Now, let that beating beauty lead you. We have not “arrived,” we are just getting started, and we have work to do. Let’s roll!

Let me know what you think!