Meet Angelike

Hi there, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my site! I’m so glad you’re here.

Meet ANorrie Family ShotDo you ever feel like you just can’t get ahead? Like every time you are about to make a change for yourself and step in the right direction, you fall flat on your face or something else shoves you to the ground on your butt? Or maybe you are constantly chasing after a new shiny object, whether it’s tighter thighs, an upgraded kitchen or a new, improved man in your life? I get it. And this is where I feel I can help you. You see, I have learned that there are muscles that we have to constantly exercise, the problem is we can’t see them and we can’t feel them (at least not physically).

Here are a few facts about me… I’m happily married to my husband, David, and we’ve been blessed with two adorable girls – Ella, and our newest, Phoenix.

Now let’s cut to the chase…

Throughout my entire life, for every triumph I experienced I had at least three times the amount in adversity. So much so that every time things were going great, I had this overwhelming fear that some crap was about to hit the fan. The first instance I can remember when I was 7 years old, I wrote an essay for school about my life. I had a mom and a dad that I loved so much, a dog named Stitches and a bird, Cupid, and a beautiful home. “My life is perfect,” I recall writing.

A few weeks after that very essay my parents separated, I was ripped from my home in Florida and woke up to an entirely new life in a new state. I was literally starting from scratch before really beginning at all. From that moment on it seems like a string of challenges were to follow. Every time things were going great, WHAM another gigantic reminder that life wasn’t going to be unicorns and rainbows.

But I chose to not let any of that define me. What defines me is overcoming those challenges and that is why I’m here with you.

My mission.

A few years back, I was studying the book of Proverbs, chapter 31, and I felt God speak His message to me – as if He breathed it on me. My pen hit the paper and I couldn’t stop. I needed to share the P31 (Proverbs 31) principles with other women! I didn’t need a fancy degree or titles to fulfill my purpose – I just needed to use my God-given intangible tools (yes, you have them all, too) and get to work.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

But how was I to share this message? Who the heck would listen? Who did I think I was to be the one to share it? These questions swirled in my head and delayed my mission year after year. I was so hung up on the hows, what ifs and buts, that I simply didn’t move – and I kept holding up the line…for YOU.

In my life, I made mistakes (taking on bad business partners), I had dirt-kicking moments (blowing my knee out days before a competition), and heart-wrenching losses and struggle (the death of my father and my Mom’s ongoing battle with cancer). But for every painstaking event, I looked for the love and gratitude and gave thanks to God for the wisdom.

Meet ANorrie Just AngelikeHere’s what I know: Between mastering your personal mundane and knowing how to exercise your “spiritual muscles,” you will find more clarity, peace, dominion and abundance than you could possibly imagine. It’s that slight edge, the extra dig we all have, but sometimes never implement.

Perfection is the enemy of progress. Boy, do I know that better than anyone. You can’t imagine how long it took me to get this very site and my programs together for you! I mulled over how it needed to be perfect, when the truth is it NEVER will be. I won’t be, you won’t be. BINGO, there is the permission we all need to just stick to our decision and MOVE.

So baby, go on playing full out, even if that means the slowest of progress some days. Progress is progress. Just make sure you’re pumping the spiritual muscle necessary for that part of your life. That’s where I can help you. It takes a different level of awareness to identify those muscles and how they work.

What message is on your heart? Do you feel a pull to do something more?

The question really is, what do YOU want to do with your life? Find your purpose? Take on new titles? Be in control of your destiny? Feel more fulfilled? Don’t feel alone, these are the questions so many of us struggle with…and while the answers aren’t always overtly clear, they are out there, waiting to be discovered. It’s really a discovery of WHO you are, not just WHAT you want. That’s why I’m here. It’s my intention, my calling, to help you experience your full potential and unlimited power and become the best version of YOU that you have ever known. The world is in for it.

With all my love,


Professional Bio

Angelike Norrie is a happily married, working mother of two adorable girls and a five-time cover model. Prior to taking a leap of faith to control her own destiny, she worked in corporate America as a sales executive, managing fortunes and people. After escaping 60-hour workweeks with extensive travel, she became an entrepreneur with a passion for nutrition, fitness, philosophy, and business coaching.

These days, instead of stressing about quotas, day care and commutes, she helps women flex both their physical and spiritual muscles through Soulutions, a multi-faceted coaching program that helps women bare their souls and regain dominion in all areas of their life. A world martial arts champion and believer in daily discipline, Angelike is the author of Life Lines, a four-part journal series for women that provides weekly inspiration, daily reflection and goal setting, all combined with tools for daily meal and exercise tracking. Using the power of technology, Angelike developed Body Soulutions, a free online monthly membership club for women who want to be mentored and coached with cutting-edge health information, fun recipes, laughter and goofiness, and strategies for building happy, balanced lives and financial stability.

As seen inAngelike’s philosophy and her coaching have been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, and CBS.


  • 2007 World Silver Medalist XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) Champion
  • 2008 Model Florida Champion
  • 2008 Miss Bikini America
  • 5-time cover model (Two-time Oxygen cover model)