Isagenix is the perfect companion for a busy lifestyle without compromising a natural and healthy habits. It is a completely natural, superfood system that I literally cannot go a day without. I have witnessed thousands of life-changing transformations with my coaching clients, family members, friends, and of course my own. Three days after I put this in my body I felt as if I lit up like a Christmas Tree. It saved me from of a life of eating chicken and broccoli ‘round the clock out of Tupperware (yuck!) It helps keep me lean year round (finally no “off-season”) while helping me build lean muscle. One of the greatest benefits is that it has given me massive time freedom instead of shopping EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and prepping all my meals. I used to carry my food around like a gypsy and with two kiddos, that crap is for the birds. It’s not a lottery ticket by any means, but it’s a blend of perfect, dense nutrients that when used correctly and consistently offers life altering results. My only regret is that I hadn’t found it sooner. It would have saved me a ton of money, time, and headache!

Isagenix makes it simple. I drink 2 to 3 shakes a day, and then another two whole food meals. (Get my FREE sample meal guide here.) My needs may be different than yours and that’s why they do such an awesome job creating solutions for every BODY. I’m able to receive impeccable nutrition throughout the day without batting an eyelash. The shakes and bars meet my high-demanding criteria for the highest-quality nutrition available, and the supplements give my body what it has been robbed of for years due to our aging planet and poisoned protein.

I have never slept better, performed better, felt better, or looked better in my life.

Isagenix has been such a gift for me and I want to share it with the world. There are millions of human beings on their knees at night praying for help. They need guidance in this convoluted world where they don’t know how to be an advocate for their own health because most are not properly educated on the subject. They are praying for a way to simpler means of getting things under control. They are praying for improved health so they can spend more days with their children. They are praying for just a little extra money at the end of each month because that would save them from filing for bankruptcy or it would help put better food on the table or even bring their spouse home from their second job or even their primary

For me not to share what this gift has given my family would be selfish. To share it means I could be used as an instrument for God to answer their prayers. I will choose the latter.

It is my answer and it’s been the answer I trust to give the family I love so much and my clients who entrust their health to me. I give it my full endorsement and I’m not a paid to say that. This is my true, transparent and candid testimonial, and I intend to put this product in my body for rest of my life. It is my hope to give you all my answers, as well as Isagenix, and take the guesswork out of proper nutrition. Your results are 80% proper nutrition and this affords my clients, friends and family the ability to live a perfectly balanced, healthy lifestyle in today’s hectic and nutritionally bankrupt world

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– Testimonials –

“I was so blessed the day I met Angelike Norrie. She introduced me to Isagenix following a substantial weight loss (65 pounds) without the benefit of Isagenix. After losing a lot of weight without any supplements, over the next three years I went onto compete in many competitions: swimsuit, Crossfit and Trifitness (obstacle course), Tough Mudder and even a marathon. When I met Angelike I was more lost than ever. Working out three times a day, thinner than ever, but also very unhealthy. I was running from the once overweight girl. I was not eating enough and burning everything I was putting in my body.


I didn’t believe a protein shake could change my life. I was wrong! I was 30 days from my next competition and placed 100% of my faith in Angelike and Isagenix to prepare me for my upcoming swimsuit and obstacle course (Trifitness) competition. Angelike placed me on a 30-day nutrition plan that incorporated clean eating and Isagenix. I was amazed that I was leaner and healthier than ever before, eating three times a day, using Isagenix and working out only once a day most days.

When I competed just 30 days later, I placed third in my figure competition (my first top-three placement ever!) and won my age group on the obstacle course and 2nd place overall with my best time since I began competing in Trifitness three years earlier.

I have since gone on to compete with the benefit of Isagenix. I have run an ultramarathon (32 miles) and felt like I could run another the next day, competed in my first Rx Crossfit competition and won my age group in Trifitness again. Even when not competing, Isagenix is part of my daily lifestyle. I am finally in a healthy place, physically and emotionally.

With all that I have accomplished and the gift Isagenix has been to me, it was a natural evolution to share my results and now I am not only experiencing the benefits of Isagenix as part of my healthy lifestyle, but even better, I am changing people’s lives daily. I have three beautiful children and as a single mom, they are my legacy and my “why.” The financial benefit of sharing what I love is just the icing on the cake.”

Liva R.

david n“I know we see a lot of transformation photos but let me tell you, I was a guy who used to work out 6 days a week, often doing two-a-days in the gym.

Then one day, I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person I saw. Between a stressful medical sales job which kept me in the car most of the day, the baby weight I gained when my wife was pregnant with our daughter and a shoulder surgery that severely limited my workouts, my body had taken a drastic turn for the worse.

My wife practically begged me to try Isagenix, which I did. I began with the shakes and then eventually took the joint formula, the Cleanse For Life and Product B.

I work out about half as often and not nearly as heavy as I did in my 20s and 30s, but I look (and more importantly) feel better than ever. If it worked for me, I know it can help you achieve your health and fitness goals as well.”

David N.