Ever look up at God and laugh?  As to say, “good one, Dad,” when things align so incredibly that it’s almost comical? Well, I’ve done a few of those these last 10 days along with a lot of “why?!”, “Take the wheel,” “I surrender this all to you”, and “are you freaking kidding me?? This cannot be how this ends.” .

As dramatic as that sounds and for me to even write it, it’s the truth and I’ve been strapped into the student’s chair for some pretty heavy moments. Moments that provided me with more clarity, perspective and PRESENCE than I’ve ever imagined possible. Like a presence you can only imagine to be possible on a spiritual level. Sometimes it takes some serious crap to hit the fan for us to pay attention. .

Whats crazy is I’m the self proclaimed “Clarity Queen” yet I just hit another level that not only had I not experienced but I didn’t think existed. .

While I know I’ll share and teach about this entire experience, I have stopped myself from being too anxious to start writing the curriculum on something I’m still in the middle of myself. .

Lesson  to myself and all of you; there is a beginning, middle and end to everything. Don’t rush to the finale when honoring the middle is often our greatest teacher. You will never know the miracle that exists in that space if you don’t stop and allow and honor every single moment. Remember this; HERE there is no THERE. Let that one sink in.

I know that I’ve had times in my life (these last two weeks included) asking “what’s the lesson?! I don’t get it. Why did that have to happen? That doesn’t even make sense!” .

Honoring the process, which often feels like the midst of hell, is the fire you need to walk among so your passions burn even deeper.

Let me know what you think!