The societal emphasis on outer beauty has women trying to change themselves every day to conform to an image that has been plastered on billboards, TV, movies, magazines and the Internet. And although there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with outward beauty, it is just an empty, barren shell when your character is not in tact. Women often make these changes to improve their self-esteem – and many times it does – however, it is often temporary.

Self-esteem, confidence and self-image – these are all things that no physical alteration can improve. It’s intangible, it can only be improved upon by realizing how fully equipped you already are. It is rare that something physical can give life to a deflated spirit. Emotions aren’t measured by your size, shape or society’s view of perfection and beauty. No matter how much you change on the outside by enhancements, alterations, or even diet and exercise, no true change has occurred until you realize the value and priceless gift of beauty you already are. I refer to it as “pumping your spiritual muscles.”

The reason this concept ignites me so much is that I, too, find myself captivated by the desire for physical “perfection.” I catch myself wanting something I don’t have. But instead of putting so much tenacity into being like someone else, I use my already fully equipped self to elevate my mind and spirit to work toward being a better me. I like challenges. I like sweat. I like results. And I like the victory that comes as a reward from it. I am in the fitness industry not only because I love the lifestyle and the health benefits; but also I feel the industry needs to add a vital component. It’s filled with vanity and sizing one up against another.  However, when you strip all that away, what’s left at the core? If you get busy “pumping your mind and spirit,” your core is even more pronounced and chiseled than the body!

Let me know what you think!