Have you ever had a dream that felt crazy, but in your heart you knew it’s exactly what you were meant to do?

“Go for it, baby!” My Dad said to me just a few days before his last breath when I told him that David and I were exploring the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.

My dad was a serial entrepreneur and investor. He couldn’t be held down by a boss and something inside of me (and David) knew we couldn’t either. But we were so caught up in the world’s teaching and conformity that we found ourselves stuck in the “good life” of a “stable” income and benefits. The “good life” was the biggest obstacle standing between us and a GREAT LIFE.

We were too in it to see it for what it was; settling for something that left a massive void in our bellies. Neither one of us could articulate that though. The income was too good and stable. Who wants to risk a “sure thing?”

But when my father at the age of 83 said to me on his death bed, “ I wish I could have done so much more,” I knew something would need to change for us.

Here was a man who lived the most colorful life of anyone I had known, did so many things some could only dream of and he still had a void. To this day I’m not sure if that void was not accomplishing as much, traveling more places or perhaps missing too much of my growing up. Whatever it was for him, I never ever want to feel that in my life. Not now, not on my back in my final days.

This is why we work so hard to be a full time family. It’s a beautiful mess most days and I can’t recall a day when I felt like we had it all together. But the decision to do this brought massive 10x growth in our marriage, our parenting, and our income.

Now, I’m not saying network marketing did this, I’m saying the decision to work together towards our dreams for our family and future did. THAT my friends takes serious commitment, Intentional work, Intentional communication and full time faith to be a full time family who does everything together.

This is our life’s work. We truly desire to help other families achieve this, whether it’s in one facet or all of the ones mentioned.

You choose.

We guide.

We all win.

Let me know what you think!